Canadian carping

Brian and Martyn Skoyles have recently returned from a hectic week of carp action on the mighty St Lawrence river in Canada.

Fishing the river for the first time the duo landed 71 carp up to 32lb 8oz during day only sessions, with all the fish being commons apart from the very first one, which was a pretty scaley mirror!

“The majority of our fish came to maize with the key to consistent action how we fed our free bait and in particular judging the powerful flow correctly to ensure it landed near our hookbaits and drew carp into the swim” explained Martyn.

“Our task wasn’t helped by the large tankers and cargo ships that would disturb the water, create major undertows, and at times even temporarily completely reverse the direction of the flow.”

“After every take the fight the fish put up was incredible, definitely the most powerful carp I have ever hooked and we often over estimated the size of the fish we were playing as they fought so hard!”

“The wildlife was pretty special as well, and during the week we saw buzzards, osprey, beavers, snakes and a couple of chipmunks that rivalled the carp in the maize eating stakes!”

“Overall it was a brilliant weeks fishing in great surroundings, offering a totally different style of carp fishing to anything either of us have done before.”