A chub masterclass on the waggler

Daiwa consultant Bob Roberts knows a thing or two about fishing the waggler, so put Bob on one of the best chub swims in the county and as they say, light the blue touch paper.

“I dabble a bit with float fishing and like most anglers love watching a float, but having the chance to watch someone who knows what they are doing was an experience not to be missed” explained fellow Daiwa consultant Brian Skoyles.

“We’d been invited by top carp angler Jerry Hammond to fish his Carthagena Fishery. Apart from having some superb carp fishing Jerry also has a top stretch of the River Lee, which has produced some huge chub and they were our target!”

“The swim Jerry had in mind has been fished by several top anglers over the years so we knew that this trip would not be a pushover. Bob reckoned a float fished maggot approach would give us a better chance of getting the chub feeding so we had a plan.”

“Positioning himself opposite the overhanging willow tree Bob started introducing maggots. Not going mad, but making sure there was a steady stream passing the outer edges of the branches that trailed into the water. He was in no hurry, he reckoned it would take at least an hour to get the fish out from under the tree and feeding confidently. The hour passed quickly by which time Bob had set up his gear a Tournament Pro Match waggler rod (TNPM13W) combined with a TDR2508 Reel. With the water running clear and shallow a small crystal waggler was the chosen float.”

“With a blustery wind it took a few goes to perfect the cast, but soon Bob had the float following the flow just off the willow. The float disappeared and a fish was on, but not the fish Bob was looking for, as a small perch came to hand, followed by a couple of tiny chub and another perch. Again the float was passing the waving fronds of the willow and again it dipped under, but this time is was no small fish, as the rod hooped over and stayed over. Sometime later, after a few anxious moments on the light gear, a superb chub bigger than any chub I’d ever seen slid over the lip of the landing net… stunning.”

“This was to be the start of two hours of spectacular fishing with several more huge chub to well over 6lbs coming to the net. I even got to have a turn and with a bit of coaching caught a couple, unbelievably exciting fishing on the light gear. It was a fabulous session, I’ve known and fished with many top anglers over the years, but this was one of the best demonstrations of fishing the waggler that I’d seen, and the fish simply awesome.”

“A big thanks to Bob for his advice and expertise, and to Jerry for his hospitality… all in all a magic trip.”