New junction

Bob Roberts shows that if you are looking for bites it could be well worth taking a trip to your local canal this summer.

“You know, I might have fished all over the world, landing huge fish of many species, but I really do enjoy drowning a few maggots down the local canal” said Bob.

‘Recently I fished the New Junction canal and put together this cracking net of roach. The biggest fish were pushing a pound and I had loads around 8oz but the key to success was coming right up in the water and catching on the drop. Using a lightweight hook like the Gamma Black makes a massive difference to how a caster hook bait falls through the water and I’m certain it attracts more bites.”

Fishing on the canal is controlled by Doncaster and District and you can fish there for a whole year for just £20. The ticket also includes other canals, lakes and a prolific stretch of the River Don. Check out the DDAA website for more details.