Shark hunt

Daiwa salesman Nick Hill showed that he knows how to use the kit as well as talking about it.

On a recent shark hunt, fishing two hours out of Milford Haven, aboard Whitewater 3, Nick presented a Mackerel flapper, geared up on a ‘big barbless hook’ attached to a 200+lb wire trace and 80 lb mono. 

The set up for the day was all drifting with four rods out at distances 25, 50, 75 & 100yds covering depths of 20’ to 100’+

Nick reports “The baits and rubby dubby were out for only 20mins when we got our first take.”

Action on the day was made up of five blue sharks and one porbeagle however the stand out catch fell to Nick (centre in pictured above).

Nick explains. “It took the mackerel presented at 75’ deep and it dived at speed well into 300’, fighting all the way back up. It made five or six very powerful runs diving deep each time and it soon became a battle about who would give up first. The fight lasted 30 ins and the skipper got a grip on the leader; bringing the fish aboard via landing gap at the side.”

“Once landed on the deck the skipper let the fish calm down and easily removed the barbless hook. A quick wash over and it was photo time. The shark measured at 96 inches long & 36 inches around giving it an estimated weight of 155lbs.”

The skipper used the formula 96 x 36 x 36 divided by 800 giving as accurate an estimate as possible. All fish were skilfully handled and swiftly returned alive.

Well done Nick.