A session after catfish on Manton Old Lake.
05 May 2008
With the warmer weather the cats are on the move, as Specialist Consultant Nev Fickling found out during a session to Daiwa Manton Old Lake.
A stunning old warrior .... the fish that is!
05 May 2008
Graham Drewery has a new Tips on Fishing Photography column in Club Nutrabaits, and invited Daiwa Carp Consultant Brian Skoyles to join him on a day session to take some pictures for the column. It turned out to be a good move for both of them!
25-04 of stunning Lake District predator
01 April 2008
Neville Fickling makes the trek to the Lake District, and is rewarded with some great action.
Concentration all round as another small carp is edged towards the waiting net.
21 March 2008
The Foster Carers Association held an Angling match at the end of August.
Group photo after the presentation of prizes and Goodie bags from Daiwa.
10 March 2008
Every year Scunthorpe Police Angling Club organise various events to encourage youngsters to take up angling.