11 July 2012

I arrived in the car park at British Waterways Clattercote Reservoir along with son Martyn, soon after first light on a mild but very windy winter’s morning.

11 July 2012

Winter is a tricky time for any type of fishing but particularly so on commercial fisheries where by the carp seem to almost shut down once the water temperature drops.

Neville Fickling with a 20lb 4oz pike from Chew reservoir
11 July 2012

Tip 1: Always remember the golden rule for all specialist anglers. ‘You cannot catch it if it isn’t there’ A bit obvious I know, but to catch any fish you need a plan.

11 July 2012

The start of what was to be a busy few weeks was a visit to the Sky Sports studios to record an episode of Tight Lines, along with fellow consultant Bob Roberts.

11 July 2012

After a decent night’s sleep I was up and sorting bait at 6am whilst Glenn went off to do the draw.

11 July 2012

I think it must be every anglers dream to get a chance to represent their country so when I got the call up for the England feeder team this year to say I was made up is an understatement.

Graham Drewery with a lovely River Trent Barbel
11 July 2012

Although I’m mainly a carp angler, I also love fishing for other species, and in late summer early autumn my thoughts often turn to barbel. Not too far from my home is the magnificent River Trent, so along with good friend Graham Drewery we’ve been visiting the tidal Trent at Carlton, and I think it’s fair to say we’ve been well pleased with the results.

At nearly 85lbs this magnificent cat tested my gear to the limit
01 September 2011

If you are a carp angler Etang Bertie is a fabulous place to spend a week with the family.

The winners group shot
19 June 2011

In many ways I’m the wrong person to report on a match, as the last match I took part in was with Potter Heigham AC on the River Waveney in 1962, and if memory serves me right I didn’t particularly struggle to lift the keep net out of the water when the hooter went, but having said all that I did attend a previous Dealer Match and became an enthralled spectator so I was really looking forward to the day.

Stuart Yeomans catching steadily.
19 May 2011

Pegged around Gold Lake, Will Raison had chosen the most productive pegs to go into the pot hoping to give the guests the best sampling of the renowned Gold Valley sport on offer.