A stunning 56lb plus mirror, I was over the moon.
26 May 2010

I was on a week’s holiday trip with good friend George Sinclair at a fabulous water near Limoges called Etang Meunier. Meunier holds some big fish, but they can be tricky to catch, and three days in with some very cold easterly winds, we were finding it hard going on our main rods. Stalking the shallows can be very productive, so I set off on a wander to try to find some feeding fish. They weren’t where I expected them to be, but in a quiet corner where the sun was hitting the water I spotted a lone fish.

The smile says it all
14 April 2010

In many ways I feel a bit of a fraud writing this, as my experience of fishing canals is very limited, but in another way it could be argued that if I can do it, anyone can. So having recently caught some nice stripeys, here is a summary of how I went about it.

The first fish of the year. Worth waiting for.
03 February 2010

In a nutshell, it was a disaster, for all sorts of reasons, not least the weather...

20 December 2009

I don’t know how I would cope without television weather forecasts, especially the Sunday farming bulletin.

1st Jan 09 Who will get the first fish?
17 December 2009

I’m sure you, like us, spend a fair amount of time, at this time of year, wishing friends and acquaintances Happy New Year, it’s a lovely gesture and a tradition.
Well consultants Brian and Martyn Skoyles have another tradition, to catch a New Year fish!

15 November 2009

The whole cod fishing experience drives anglers throughout the winter months.

We were lost for words. A truly fabulous fish
21 October 2009

It’s the end of September and Bill and I are sat in the restaurant on the Hull/Zeebrugge ferry. It’s on its way out of the Humber, and we are starting to relax. As usual in these situations you start to think in detail about the forthcoming trip, and how you would like it to go.

Waiting for the tip to wrench round
19 October 2009

On arriving, I opted for a fairly standard approach, using 4oz feeders loaded with scalded Trigga Ice pellets, and glugged 14mm Trigga Ice ready-made boilies, hair rigged onto a size 10 Gamakatsu S

23 September 2009

Weed in lakes is a mixed blessing. One the one hand, it provides a perfect natural larder, offers cover for the fish and as a result can often making location easier.

08 July 2009

Many anglers steer well clear of multipliers for shore fishing. Years of fears of burnt thumbs, birds nests with resulting lost line and terminal tackle.