Barbel Days and Ways contains some fantastic underwater filming
10 November 2008

School holidays mean Sue and I can escape for a well deserved break (on her part anyway) so half the month gets lost in terms of fishing.

20 September 2008

Being able to accurately cast to one spot in the swim when feeder fishing, can determine how quickly and how many bites you get.

The stunning Lady Pitt Weir
17 August 2008

I had a chat the other day with James Armstrong, the outcome of which was I agreed to team up with my angling mate Graham Drewery to do a magazine feature on weir pool fishing for barbel. In my view the perfect combination of work and play!

One from the Dove!
23 July 2008

I mentioned in my last blog that I was making a series of DVDs with Stu Walker and this has taken up every spare moment of our time so far.

The shallows where the carp love to spawn, but would they be feeding?
19 July 2008

On a number of occasions I have been sat on top of spawning fish and caught nothing at all and on other occasions the angler next to me have bagged up big style and I’ve ended up being nothing but a photographer.

The humble plummet is vital if you wish to turn a dip of the float into a stunning crucian carp.
28 June 2008

Tip 1 – Plumb your swim

Surface success... playing a fish to the net on a warm summer evening!
21 June 2008

Martyn Skoyles looks at the tackle he uses to maximise his chances of success, and turn cruising carp into extra fish on the bank.

Steve with a wolf fish from the West Fjords region of Iceland.
16 June 2008

Dave Proudfoot, Tony Voss, a SKY film crew and myself travelled to Iceland at the end of May to sample the boat and shore fishing on offer from various locations.

10 June 2008

A New Beginning

Glugging your hook-baits can really up the attraction levels, and don’t forget it’s also worth thinking about getting away from, just one bait on the hair. Try Doubles, Boilie Bits, or Combo’s!
10 April 2008

In these days of pressured waters, and easy to buy and use baits, it's often the anglers who "Dare to be Different" that get the results.
This is where "glugging" can give you the edge. Brian Skoyles tells you how.