A stunning common, one of the first fish caught on the big hit trip mentioned at the start of this feature.
27 March 2008

Fishing 'The Millers' Etang Meunier, Brian had a trip of a lifetime, taking 42 fish, a catch that included 15 fish over 40lbs and two over 50lbs.

The big two weighed in at 56lbs 3oz and 54lbs.

The tackle used was 2.75 TC Infinity Magnum rods teamed up with Tournament Basia reels. Line was 15lb Sensor.

Bait was a three combination tactic, consisting of Nutrabaits Trigga Ice ATS boilies, Trigga Ice and Sarb pellets, and Hinders French Mix soaked in Evaporated milk and Multimino.

For France the weather was all over the place, with a lot of heavy rain, but the fish loved it, and fed strongly for long spells.

Bending into the Silver Bullion
25 March 2008

 Bass love undulating sandbanks and underwater reef pinnacles swept by considerable tide, where they lurk in seabed troughs or the lee of rocky features waiting to ambush passing food items.

25-04 pike from a Yorks gravel pit
21 March 2008

Loud or quiet free spool reels? If like me you have used a fair range of free spool reels over the years you'll have noticed that some are quite loud others very quiet.

A Beautiful winter mirror caught on a long cast.
21 March 2008

I don’t know about everybody who is reading this piece but I guess we all have one thing in common? What’s that you ask ? Answer … Limited time to catch carp in. Unless you are a full time angler with absolutely no constraints or responsibilities at all (and believe me that is not good for your long term prospects) the best way to catch carp consistently is to make the best use of your time…now that we must all agree on I’m sure?