For me the World Pairs is the most important competition of the year after the World Feeder Championships. It will be the fourth time for me to fish this great event and Thorsten’s second.

The fishing in Ireland is absolutely superb for us and not far away from the style of angling we know in Germany. But the World Pairs is simply the best in lot of ways.

At first the waters and all the sections are simply amazing! The organization is awesome and a few of the best anglers of the World coming to fish against each other! We like the Irish people who are very kind and open to us all the time, especially our good friend Brian McKeon, who gives us the possibility to come over every year! His Lakeview House is a lovely place to stay and he also allows us to leave all the tackle we need, to make our journey to Ireland a lot easier by plane.

To be honest about Thorsten’s and my preparation: We are really not the best prepared anglers in the world. Maybe Thorsten is more than me but we both simply love fishing, that’s it. I can remember last year as we won it; I think I had 5 pole rigs ready. We tied only a few hooks every night and enjoyed drinks, food and playing darts in Ballinamore as well.

I love Ireland not only for the fishing. It is a special flair that we like and that all together is what we are coming for. Going fishing and not knowing what to expect can be a fantastic thing!

Last year on day one I had drawn Killadeas 4 and I expected to catch around 8 kg. The tip went round from first chuck and never stopped until the end, seeing 45kgs in my keepnet. That’s what it´s all about. We just try to enjoy every day. Of course we had a few beers less as we saw the chance to win the 2016title. But again it should not be all about winning!

With this statement we would like to wish every angler, who is taking place at this year´s World Angling Pairs, a fair competition, loads of fish and lovely days in one of the best fishing areas of the world.

Tight lines!

Jens Koschnick