Action packed couple of months

Anyone who knows me will know I’ve been pretty obsessed with fishing from a very young age. I’ve been inspired by so many of the leading Anglers in the industry. This brings me on to Carp Society and their new book which I received at the start of December - Still For The Love Of Carp.

I received my copy kindly delivered by Brian Skoyles. Brian knows that many of my Angling hero’s contributed to the book and he took the time to get it signed by them - this personal touch was appreciated more than I can say! I’m astounded that I appear in it alongside my hero’s. Knowing that some of my Angling antics are recorded in print for future generations gives me a massive sense of achievement. While I didn’t contribute to the writing, the experience makes me feel very humbled and proud.

I planned a super short Perch trip to a local river. It was -1 degrees that morning, freezing conditions and a bitterly cold wind that cut straight through me. I started on a spot that’s normally really productive but was rewarded with absolutely nothing other than very cold hands!

Despite the lack of results on my first spot determination kicked in and we decided to have a shot in another area. The presentation was far from perfect due to the strong cold wind but the Angler in me kept going and I’m so pleased i did, going from no action to around 30 bites and some good Perch landed within minutes.  The perfect highs and lows of Angling all in 2 hours of fishing. 

I organised a quick-fire Perch trip with a friend. Conditions weren’t perfect, a bit too bright but after the strong winds from the day before there was a chance of a Perch or two. My venue for the day was The River Soar which is only 30 minutes down the road and has serious potential for a whacker.  First stop was a Canal section and It wasn’t long after our arrival that we started to catch some good Perch. A great start. However, in the distance we could here the beating of a drum that sounded like some sort of tribal music. I turned to My friend and said “Santa is on his way up the Canal with his Elf’s in Viking boat”. He looked at me and burst in to laugher, we couldn’t believe our eyes, it was Santa and his Elf’s rowing in beat to the music. This was one of the highlights of my December outings! 

The second section we fished is a lovely part of The River Soar where some really big Perch have previously been landed.  It was very hard going, bites were really hard, even for little Wasp size Perch.  We settled in a peg after a really good scout around with a good feeling about the area. My friend landed a better fish and several backup Perch too. 40 minutes or so went by of me watching Andrew catch but still not easily. Andrew said “your turn to catch mate”. Obviously I obliged casting really tight to the far bank and just after the lead hit the bottom and I gave it a small twitch BANG! A proper bite on the lure just like I was feeder fishing - absolutely amazing - I landed the biggest Perch of the day, not massive but still great fun.

On my way home from work I decided to stop off with UL tackle which I always have in my car just in case the opportunity arises and it did landing a nice double figure Pike, perfect example and just goes to show that there’s always chance for a bite.

A strategically planned session based on weather predictions of low pressure during mild spell resulting in some fantastic Chub action, catching 5 good chub to 6lb10oz. 

The thing is with this session if I was fishing with alarms I probably wouldn’t hit them little taps to the rod tip, definitely food for thought which made me think how many bite do we actually miss during the winter months when the fish are much more tentative and delicate biters.  

The plan was to go perching with UL tactics in the morning and try my hand for Barbel and Chub in the evening.  During the morning we caught plenty of fish, but nothing big, just great fun. 

However, the Barbel fishing didn’t go to plan catching nothing but Bream not my target but still a bend in my rod none the less which always makes me smile.


New Year’s Day was spent with Brian Skoyles and my good friend Andrew. The plan for the day was to have some fun and hopefully catch our antics on film which Andrew managed to do perfectly.

It was my first Carp session of 2019 accompanied by my son which turn into a lovely father and son day on the bank making memories catching Carp.

After the great fun we had the day before I thought it would be nice to take my son again, but this time for some Perch and it seems that he keeps bringing the luck catching several fish between us including Reuben catching his PB Perch.  

I arranged another trip with Brian and Andrew to a location I’ve never fished before that’s got a good head of fish and potential monsters UL tackle was our choice, knowing this is probably the best way to target new venues just to see how prolific they are, this venue didn’t disappoint we literally caught all day from tiny Perch to big Pike. Excellent fun! 

The success continued, this time i was targeting Chub and to be totally honest, I really wasn’t expecting to catch anything near to the size I caught that evening. When it comes to monster fish my next Chub is definitely a true monster with massive frame that was so big it looked like a Grass Carp when it slipped into the net. 

A 7lb8oz Chub in the first week of the new year is absolutely mind blowing.

The action still kept coming the next evening but this time a double figure Barbel @11lb2oz, can fishing get any better. Yes it can!

2019 has started so well I’m completely speechless, father and son Carp memories, Big Pike, Big Perch, Big Barbel and colossal Chub. Unbelievable fishing and winter is normally very slow but I’ve had several red letter sessions in a row. 

After a hard day at work, it can be hard to motivate yourself, but I really don’t have that issue having the mighty River Trent on my doorstep. I always watch the weather closely for any sudden changes and in this instance I noticed It was going to turn cold and bring a end to the mild spell, which will slow the action down dramatically so I really concentrated my effort on this session and was rewarded with yet another huge 7lb+ Chub truly remarkable fishing and the greatest start to the new year I could ever wish for, a personal achievement that I doubt I can beat for many years to come.