Brian Skoyles Exploring Local Options

With the current Covid restrictions I’ve had to re-think my winter plans. It’s great that fishing is still allowed but the advice is to limit travel where possible, so it was time to explore my local options.

Any ideas of catching pb’s etc. went by the board, it was just great to still be able to get out in the fresh air and do a bit of fishing. For many years I have completely ignored my local river, the River Hull, now was a good time to put that right. I first fished the River Hull in the early seventies and enjoyed great sport for both roach and pike, I wondered if it was still the same.

Several phone calls later and it looked promising. An area just a few miles from my doorstep was recommended for its shoals of winter roach and a good head of predators attracted by an easy meal, time for a ride out.   

My initial enthusiasm was tempered a bit after my recci trip. The fishing looked good, plenty of fish showing and signs of the odd pike scattering fry, the problem was the number of anglers. I guess with a lot of people on furlough, some being made redundant or just days off, the majority of fishable swims were taken over the length of river I walked. If I was going to fish this area my worst fear was going to be realized …. I was going to have to get up early!

Two days later and I’m settling into a swim I liked the look of and claimed in the nick of time as several other anglers were arriving. My plan, to fish a couple of deadbaits and see what happens. The answer, nothing, but I was learning a lot about the area. The angler down stream of me was catching, quality roach, trotting maggot, and on the far bank two young anglers were catching pike on small livebaits fished mid water. I needed to rethink my tactics and mid-afternoon took the deadbait gear back to the car and reached for my lure rod.

My Prorex rod and Ninja reel loaded with 22lb J-Braid Grand was quickly assembled with a wire trace and a 5cm Fire-Tiger Lure on the business end.  With the afternoon drawing to a close and anglers packing up I was free to wander. My first swim produced nothing, but the second cast in the second swim produced a hit that had the clutch working hard. Sometime later I had my first pike from the stretch. A few pics and time for home, I’d learned a lot in a short time, and even managed a fish ….. I think I’m going to enjoy my local fishing.

Hope you all stay Safe and Well.

Brian Skoyles (Nov 20)