Chew to the rescue

After a slow season so far by his standards, Neville Fickling was relived when a trip to Chew Valley produced the goods.

I knew one day that I’d have a bad fishing season and the one we are in now looks like being one. The zander fishing was slow. None caught! The catting was slow, one caught and although I caught a lot of rudd I only had a couple of twos.

The pike fishing looked like being dire as well but luckily Chew Valley came to the rescue with this 28-04. I was pretty pleased with this but the fishing is so good some people go home wishing they had caught a bigger pike when they have had a 28. Not me folks!

I’ve not given up though, usually things come right eventually. A lot of the waters I fish have just the one big fish in them and like most things it takes time, so watch this space.