Daiwa backs Austen Goldsmith and Zen2

Daiwa are pleased to announce that we are now supporting Austen Goldsmith and his boat Zen2, a sportfishing bass specialist based in Cornwall.

Having first started to take clients and guests bass fishing in Cornwall in 2005, Austen has landed thousands of bass over the years on a range of tactics including both fly and lure fishing.

"I have fished in Cuba, Seychelles, Costa Rica, Australia, Venezuela,  Mexico, Baja , Andaman islands,  Canada , USA.,  Ireland , Chanel Islands. Although I will always prefer bass fishing in Cornwall" explained Austen.

"I find the Cornish Coastline a constant source of inspiration. This fuels my desire to fish every day I possibly can. Sharing old secrets while discovering new ones with clients is what drives me. Saltwater fly fishing for bass was the foundation of everything that has happened. These days I am just as happy fishing top-water lures or weightless soft plastics in the shallows. We fish Paddle Tail Shads a great deal of the time. We fish ultra light Vertical too."

"I tend to use Daiwa Tournament 7 Foot -14-42 g rods, and for reels the Daiwa Caldia 2500 series, and the Ryoga Baitcasters for vertical jigging."

Austen’s boat, Zen2 was built in 2011 and is designed and built to withstand the conditions that the Channel Islands can produce. It is licensed and insured for three passengers, with the spacious clear decks perfect for saltwater fly and lure fishing.

For more information or to book a guided fishing trip with Austen visit www.bassfishingcornwall.com/ or call 07773 280695.

Zen2 ready to go.
Austen Goldsmith in action.