The Daiwa Open Weekend (December 2019) Withernsea

It’s 6:30am and I’m driving through the quiet East Yorkshire countryside heading for Withernsea. It’s early December 2019 and time once again for the annual Daiwa Open, writes Daiwa Consultant Brian Skoyles.

As in previous years, it’s a two-day event. The Saturday is for juniors, with the senior event the following day. I’d spoken previously to Paul Jefferson, one of the principal organisers for the Commercial Sea Angling Club and he was very optimistic for a great day with near perfect weather and sea conditions.

I sat in the Northfield club watching the draw and taking the odd photograph of thirty plus youngsters and their supporters, all eager to get fishing. Dave Hart, club chairman was already on the beach, pegging out. With the draw complete it was all systems go!

With action underway the three stewards, Karl Weikpe in Zone 1, Nick Marshall in Zone 2 and Stuart Keelty in Zone 3 were assisted as a steady stream of small rockling and the odd slightly bigger whiting were keeping the juniors interested. As Paul had suggested the conditions were perfect and it was a pleasure to just wander up and down the zones taking pics and just generally chatting.

I’ve covered this event several times over the years and each time I’ve been totally impressed with the skill levels and enthusiasm of the juniors taking part coupled with non-stop backup and hard work of the supporters.

With the match drawing to a close I headed back to the club to watch the results.
1st; Harry Noble (6 years) with 8 fish for a total of 159cm.
2nd; Archie Wiekpe (7 years) with 7 fish for a total of 132cm.
3rd; Josh Wilson (15 years) with 4 fish for a total of 129cm.

I had found the results fascinating. Walking up and down the zones you couldn’t help but be impressed with the casting prowess of some of the more experienced anglers like Josh. I would be more than happy to achieve the sort of distances they were reaching. I reckoned quite early on that one of these more experienced anglers, fishing much further out than the younger juniors, would come out tops but how wrong could I be? The bigger fish, expected at range, never appeared in any numbers, but the rockling, just past the first wave line were there in abundance and the younger, shorter casting juniors cashed in. I suppose it’s the unpredictability of fishing that keeps us all coming back for more.

Winner (Under 11’s) Harry Noble (as detailed above).

Biggest Fish: George Matthewson with a 49cm Cod.

My final job was to say a few words on behalf of Daiwa. I kept it mercifully short, well for me anyhow, but did make a special mention of Paul Jefferson who has been one of the main
organisers of this event for many years and had told me a little earlier that this was to be his last Daiwa Open. Thanks Paul.

Another superb Junior Open was over for another year. Time for the organisers to get some rest and recharge their batteries in preparation for the main event the following day, but I’ll let Paul tell you about that.

Paul Jefferson –

The Saturday weather prevailed into the Sunday with conditions as good as we could get it, so there it would be ‘access all areas’ for the competing field. Calm seas on the Holderness coast can bring many different species to the scales and as anglers were pursuing that ‘biggest fish’ it could have been anything. The turnout was 430 anglers including Ladies and Juniors, with dedicated prize sections.

Whilst Cod often dominate it would be two worthy skate that would fill the first two places.

1st Matthew Brown - Skate 3.715kg - £2000
2nd Matt Riggs - Skate 3.690kg - £1000
3rd Mark Beadle - Cod 3.38kg - £500
4th Steve Dixon - Cod 3,295kg - £200
5th Steve Dixon - Cod 2.855kg - Daiwa 7HT MAG

Ladies Winner;
Cheryl Robinson - Cod 0.735kg - £50 plus rod

1st Harvey Butler - Cod 0.71kg - £50 plus Daiwa Rod and Reel
2nd Josh Wilson - Cod 0.565Kg - Daiwa Rod
3rd Josh Wilson -Whiting 0.52kg - Daiwa Tackle Box

Biggest flatfish;
Chris Wray - 0.325kg - £50

Biggest Whiting;
Chris Witton - 0.955kg - £50

Finally, I would like to thank Daiwa for their continued support for these matches as they are always eagerly awaited and enjoyed by all. Also, a big thank you to Brian Skoyles for his regular attendance which guarantees that we always have images and words. Next year’s match will be a little earlier, on the weekend of Oct 25th 2020.
Paul Jefferson

Thanks Paul, it sounds like a fitting finale for all your hard work. I understand Nick Marshall is taking over the running of this event, so I’ll finish by wishing Nick good luck for the future, lots of perfect weather and plenty of obliging fish. Well done everyone!

Brian Skoyles (December 2019)