Daiwa Schools National Angling Championships 2016 Match Report

Last Wednesday was the annual Daiwa Schools National Angling Championships and it was a terrific turnout. In light of the event, received the following match report:

This year's match was held on one of the hottest days of the year when temperatures touched 30 degrees centigrade. Yet despite this, the venue fished really well with thirty five competitors recording double figures and better.

The winning team was Campsmount Academy from Doncaster who scored an impressive 47 points out of a possible fifty five. Their team was made up of Kian Rustling, who led the way with a section win, Joshua Butler, Henry Evans, Jack Waugh and Brandon Chambers.

In second place and only two points behind were Minsthorpe Community College A from South Emsall. Their team was Jack McAllister, Dylan Parks, Logan Jones, Daniel Bryan and Levi Bateman. In third place with a score of 39 points were Kettering Buccleuch Academy A with 39 points.


Team Scores

1) Campsmount Academy A                                    47 points

2) Minsthorpe Academy A                                       45 points

3) Kettering Buccleuch Academy A                         39 points

4) Haven High Academy                                           37 points

5) Dinnington High School                                       35 points

6) Outwood Academy Valley Blue                           34 points

7) Kettering Buccleuch Academy B                         33 points

8) Outwood Valley Academy Red                            26 points

8) Swanwick Hall School A                                       26 points

10) Swanwick Hall School B                                      25 points

11) Carre’s Grammar School                                   24 points



The individual winner was Luke Easy fishing for Dinnington High School on peg 23 on Moat Pool. Luke weighed in 24.230kg which consisted of several good carp backed up with some quality bream. He fished a variety of baits alternating between the long pole and the straight lead.

Second place went to Ab Zidani from Haven High Academy who weighed in 23.070kg from peg 47 on Moat Pool. Ab caught some quality carp on the long pole fishing luncheon meat.

In third place fishing peg 2 on Canal Pool was Kian Rusling from Campsmount Academy. Kian caught a good net of small carp fishing pellet on the long pole weighing 21.000kg.


Top Ten Individuals

1) Luke Easy              Dinnington High School                   Moat peg 23               24.230kg

2) Ab Zidani              Haven High Academy                       Moat peg 47               23.070kg

3) Kian Rusling         Campsmount Academy                     Canal Peg  2               21.000kg

4) Jake McAllister     Minsthorpe Community College A     Moat peg 63               20.410kg

5) Ben Stirzacker      Kettering Buccleuch A                      Moat peg 90               19.130kg

6) Ben Garton           Kettering Buccleuch B                      Canal 12                     16.320kg

7) Kitty La Bosquet   Swanwick Hall School B                   Canal peg 6                16.070kg

8) Mark Peacock       Outwood Valley Academy Blue       Moat peg 29               15.960kg

9) Jay Gill                 Outwood Valley Academy Red        Moat peg 87               15.570kg

10) Cameron Kennedy         Outwood Valley Academy Blue       Canal peg 16              15.260kg


Section Winners

Luke Easy                   Dinnington High School

Ab Zidani                    Haven High Academy

Ben Stirzacker           Kettering Buccleuch Academy A

Dylan Morgan            Haven High Academy

Kian Rusling               Campsmount Academy


The winner of the Jeff Woodcock memorial trophy for the top female angler went to Kitty La Bosquet of Swanwick hall School B.