Keeping it interesting

Neville Fickling has had a quiet summer predator fishing by his standards, although some rudd fishing has kept things interesting.

I’ve not had a zander in 8 trips on the Trent. Unfortunately zander do this disappearing act from time to time. The Irish pike trip was poor with only small pike. The catfishing has resulted in one 19-08. The tackle has not been tested very much simply because nothing has happened most of the time!

At Daiwa Manton I’ve been rudd fishing and I’ve not pulled any trees out there either. I’ve had a couple of twos to 2-03 and some good bags up to 48lb. It has been interesting though. The secret with rudd is to find them. I look for areas of the lake in the lee of the wind where insects drop on the surface. I also look where carp are rooting around, rudd love to nip in and help themselves to food that the carp have disturbed. Baiting up the night before with pellets or particles can also attract lots of rudd.

Catching them is not rocket science. 4lb line, any float supporting 3 or 4 BB and a size 14 or 12 hook. The shot needs to be a foot above the hook which prevents tangles on casting and rudd chase maggots down no matter how fast they drop. Fish 4 feet deep and constantly cast and bait, cast and bait, it can be really good fun. The aim is to get them close enough to the bank by catching to hand each time. It saves casting and makes the whole process more efficient. I’ve found if I catch 10 to 20lb of rudd this will include fish over 1-08 and if I’m lucky a 2lber!