Ladies Fish 'O' Mania Victory

Sandra Scotthorne reveals how she won the ladies 2009 Fish 'O' Mania title at Cudmore Fishery.

Having fished Milo pool in last years final I knew the main target fish where likely to be barbel from 500g to 3kg. I started the match by cupping in three large pots of hemp, caster and chopped worm at 13 meters and fed meat and hemp at 5 meters. Rig wise I opted to use a 1 gram float rig to 0.16 main line and a 0.14 hook length, coupled with a size 14 G-Point hook. I was fishing in approximately 8ft of water, and on the hook I went for 2 large peaces of worm.

I got bites straight away on my 13 meter line using Black Hydroelastic, as the fish in Milo fight really hard. I had 10 fish in the first hour and was cupping more bait in after every 2nd fish. In the second hour I started to foul hook some fish so I changed my feeding to 2 cups every 20 minutes, which seemed to settle things down.

I finished with 30 fish for 26.2 kg, and had won my 3rd ladies Fish 'O' title. However I haven’t qualified for next year’s ladies match and so I will definitely be having a go at qualifying for the main event.

Ladies Fish’O’Mania XVI Results

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Sandra Scotthorne

Kayleigh Smith

Emma Pickering