Misty mornings

Martyn Skoyles has been making the most of carp fishing in the autumn in the last few weeks, in the hope that the fish would be on the feed before the cold of winter sets in.

I love being on the bank at this time of year, with misty mornings and the leaves turning to red, orange and gold making the scenery fantastic. It can also be a really productive time fishing wise and I’ve had some great catches in the past, especially the few weeks before the first heavy frosts really kick in.  

A recent trip to a Cambridgeshire syndicate lake that I’m a member of proved to be one such occasion, with the first fish on the bank shortly after I arrived for a 48 hour session. Feeding little and often with boilies the next few days saw bites continuing to come regularly, with a cracking twenty pound mirror proving to be the highlight of the trip on the fishing front.

I was back on the bank the following weekend, this time down in Somerset at Ashmead. Although the days were quiet, the fish were incredibly active at night and as I lay on the bedchair I could regularly hear carp throwing themselves out of the water somewhere in the darkness. The hour before dawn seemed to be bite time, and a couple of small commons came my way during my trip. However the highlight of the trip this time was photographing a 43lb+ common on the bank for one of the other syndicate members, with the fish looking truly breathtaking in the early morning light. 

Fingers crossed the action will continue in the coming months!