Nev gets amongst the cats.

With the warmer weather the cats are on the move, as Specialist Consultant Nev Fickling found out during a session to Daiwa Manton Old Lake.
A session after catfish on Manton Old Lake.

Not enough time to rig up more than 2 rods for the cats, so decided to just fish 25mm halibut flavour boilies over 22mm halibut pellets rather than put out live or dead baits. Rods and reels were standard pike tackle with 30 or 50lb tournament braid.

The first run came at 11.00 p.m. and took ages to land ( probably 15 minutes). My arm was fit to drop off, and my groin ( rod butt!) sore, in the net 35-08 ….. Back to sleep.

02.30 a.m now quite cold, but another run. Exactly the same fight and arm dropping off again, When it does eventually go in net, I can't lift the thing out. Eventually I manage it, and it goes 47lb.

Chuck the one remaining rod in the edge, prop the other one up and go back to sleep ….. Pray no more runs, I'm at work next day!