Realistic Targets and Lighter Gear

In the colder months I want some sort of rod bending action for putting up with what at times can be less than pleasant conditions.

My winter carping tends to be short sessions, on well stocked waters, and when possible with lighter gear. This approach usually means I get a take or two and really enjoy the experience of playing the fish, hopefully, to the net.

A recent day session to Tyram Hall match lake was a perfect example. A well stocked, snag free lake with a large island in the middle I didn’t need to go heavy so opted to use my Powermesh Twin tips, combined with GS reels loaded with 10lb sensor. At the business end a Korda hybrid clip setup, 2 oz flat pear lead, an 8lb fluorocarbon hooklength to a size 10 Korda Kurv hook and short flexible braid hair. Bait was a mixture of 14mm Nutrabaits Trigga Ice frozen boilies and glugged up Tecni-spice 15mm Corkie Wafters.

The weather was not good, a cold night had been replaced by a wet day and a chilly wind. I opted to fish one rod tight to the island and the second in open water. Despite not seeing any signs of fish I decided to put about 20 free baits round the open water rod, but just fished a PVA bag on the island rod.

Nothing for a couple of hours then take one on the open water rod, which came off just before the net. I recast and topped up the area and soon had take two. A nice mirror which was great fun on the lighter gear, all thoughts of the cold wind and rain was forgotten. Two more fish during the afternoon and I packed up happy ….

I often get asked how I stay motivated in the colder months. Setting realistic targets and using lighter is a good place to start.