Roach in the snow

With the snow and ice making his local carp waters unfishable Martyn Skoyles switched species to land this cracking 1lb 12oz roach from an Oxfordshire river.

“The weather conditions made it a real effort to leave my warm bed behind and get to the river, however once I’d arrived it was a magical day to be out on the bank” explained Martyn.   

“I wasn’t the only mad angler out there, and a friend of mine had agreed to meet me at the river. With neither of us knowing the stretch of river very well we decided to rove around and try a number of spots in the hope of finding a few fish. We gave each area 15 to 30minutes and opted for worms as bait, hoping it would give us a chance with a number of species.”

“Despite both of us fishing a number of likely looking areas the morning passed without incident. We then dropped into a new area just upstream of an overhanging tree and within minutes both of us where getting knocks and taps on the quiver tip. My friend was first to strike, with a cracking 3lb chub soon posing for a photo.”  

“There was definitely still fish in the area and a few casts later saw my tip wrap round and a fish was on. At first I thought it was another small chub, and it wasn’t until the fish popped up close to the net that we both realised it was a big roach.”

“It was a real bonus, and will be a fish I’ll remember for a long time given the conditions on the day.”