Sensational Searle Retains Crown

Bob Robert's reports on the Daiwa Sponsored Green Un Club Match Angler Championship Final at Pine Lakes, Thorne.

The Green Un Club Match Angler Championship has been running for over 50 years and in all that time only one angler has ever retained the trophy. Well you can now make that two because Brian Searle took home the Colin Dyson Memorial Trophy he won last year thanks to a precision display of method feeder fishing. Drawing peg 11, Brian initially started off on the pole and struggled. However switching to a small method feeder cast to the central island with laser guided precision, his feeder landed within inches of the overhanging vegetation time and time again and although his bites were few the fish he caught were big enough to make a massive difference to the result. A banded pellet on a size 16 hook to 0.18 line saw him land 7 decent carp, the best pushing 12lbs and a few ‘bits’.

In 15 years of organising the Green Un this had to be the most frustrating match ever. Anglers practising in the lead-up were reporting catching too many fish! It was impossible to sort out a match plan because everything worked. 70lbs of ide in 3 hours was commonplace but cometh the hour this fabulous fishery simply switched off. The fish went on strike and had the whistle been blown after 2 hours the result would have been pretty much the same as hardly anything was caught during the latter stages. Only Searle and Rob Burgin added anything appreciable to their nets as they secured the top two places.

Thanks to Daiwa Sports for providing every competitor with a pole shirt and hat plus £3,000 worth of fabulous prizes, to Mike Smith for offering the venue, Pine Lakes, near Thorne (07867 553645) and to Pauline and Geoff Hurt for the hard work and effort they have put into running this event again.

1. Brian Searle 47-7
2. Rob Burgin 23-6
3. Kev Parkes 20-11
4. Matt Marshall 18-2
5. Pete Spooner 16-10

Section Winners:
A. Steve Bestall 8-2
B. Charley Russell 12-15
C. Dave Reynolds 13-3

Random Draw Winner:
Andy Beighton – who was the only angler not to weigh in which just goes to show that you can have your toughest match ever on a Green Un final and still go home with a prize!