The thrill of a last gasp fish

Every summer Hull and District AA organise a series of junior Carp Academies, they are brilliantly organised and extremely popular. The Hull and District team of coaches deserve a lot of credit. They arrive early on the Saturday morning and by lunchtime have set up bivvies, catering facilities and tackle ready for the arrival of the juniors. From then till midday the following day they do everything possible to make sure the juniors have a great time and experience the thrill of catching the hard fighting Grebe carp.

By 10.00am Sunday 22 of the 23 juniors had caught a carp. However there was just Ryan to catch and time was running out. Then, the sound of a buzzer and Ryan was in. An anxious crowd watched as Ryan carefully played the fish. Gradually it came close to the net, one last swirl, then the hook pulled. The crowd dispersed and Ryan quietly walked away. We all knew how he felt. There was hardly time for a recast but it had to be done.

There was general agreement that should one of the remaining rods go, Ryan would have it, but it was also time for the presentations and final pack up! Presentations over and most of the gear packed away, the last rods were being wound in when once again a buzzer burst into life. The shout went up. Ryan!

Once again Ryan carefully played the carp as the crowd watched with fingers crossed but this time there was no mistake. A loud cheer went up as the carp slid into the net.

23 juniors had caught 26 carp; best 15lbs 12oz. It had been another very successful Hull and District Carp Academy. A big well done to all the juniors and a special thank you to the eleven coaches that gave up their weekend to make it all possible. Top job everyone!     

Brian Skoyles