Trip of a Lifetime

For some people a fishing trip of a lifetime is Tarpon fishing, salmon fishing in Alaska or sturgeon fishing in Canada. However for Neville Fickling it had to be pike fishing somewhere remote!

That’s why in June I travelled an awful long way to Great Slave Lake in Canada’s Northwest Territory.  I’d always dreamed of going so when a small pension matured I adopted the “You can’t take it with you approach”.

I have been in communication on the internet with a chap called Jeff who clearly knew what he was doing. Remarkably a trip was organised and a mate, Lance came along as well. We fished every day except one when the weather was a bit rough. We were due to go to a very special spot on that day so there is unfinished business there.

So what did we catch? Well we had about 300 pike between us, a lot of small ones but I managed 22 doubles including a couple of 22 pounders. What I really wanted was to catch some of the vividly marked fish that these northern waters are famous for. Though the same species as our pike they look so different.

We were based at Yellowknife, a diamond mining town right at the edge of serious human habitation. Motoring 40 miles to fish we saw bald eagles and golden eagles, but no bears on this trip! Will I go again? Yes as I said I’ve unfinished business, there are much bigger pike to be had and when they get to 25 to 32lb they are remarkable looking fish