Whitby whackers

Mistress Sea Angling Charter in Whitby has been among the fish this season, as skipper of the Daiwa backed boat Rich Cope reveals.

We have a number of ling over 20lb this season, and won the Whitby Angling Autumn Festival with a ling of just under 22lb. As the event is based over a number of days the festival was hit hard at times with the weather. However it proved to be a very successful competition for us, and as soon as the conditions settled we saw some great fish coming to the scales every day.

In the main summer festival, even though we didn’t get the winning fish Mistress had more daily prize winners and more daily 1st places than any other boat in Whitby.

The fishing was a bit slow early on in the summer, although it soon picked up with us taking a good number of double figure cod, the biggest going just over 18lb. We have also seen many ling into double figures. Interestingly we have had more wolf fish this year than in any other year, with 7 or 8 including two very good ones both over 8lb in weight. The uptiding has been fantastic so far, and our best day saw us boating over 90 cod and even an average day usually sees us boating 40 to 50.

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