World Pairs Angling Championship & Daiwa Cup 2016

The 2016 World Pairs Angling Championship came to an end on Friday and what a terrific week of fishing it was.

The team of Thorsten Kusters and Jens Koschnick lead from the first day and maintained their good form over the entire championship to win with a total of 189.905kg. Runners-up were Rod Scott and Michael Buchwalder who netted 174.010kg over the five days. Last year's winners, Steve and Phil Ringer, catapulted their way to third place on the final day, when they were seventh prior to that. The winning pair won €10,000 between them along with Daiwa Tournament rods and TDR reels. Second place won €5,000 and third place won €2,500, with the remaining pairs in the top 10 also winning money, too.

In the Daiwa Cup, Jens Koschnick was triumphant as he individually caught 98.690kg, which was only just over 1kg more than Lee Addy, who was the runner-up in this category with 97.060kg. Will Freeman finished in third place with 95.250kg. Jens won £1,500 worth of Daiwa tackle vouchers to spend as he wishes and £1,000 in cash. Lee and Will received tackle vouchers worth £1,000 and £750 respectively, along with £750 and £500 in cash.

A massive thanks to everyone associated to the World Pairs Angling Championship. It's an amazing event to be a part of and it's fantastic to see how great the event is year after year.

Well done to all the anglers involved, too. It was a very competitive five days.