Worth waiting for!

After spending two years in search of a thirty pound pike from a certain venue, the effort finally paid off for Neville Fickling.

Just once in a while most pike anglers end up fishing for a known fish. You are certainly more certain to catch a big pike if you know it exists. While many of us try waters with unknown potential these rarely turn up the big fish we hope for.

So there I was with access to a water. The access belonged to a mate and he fished. Every time the big fish came out he caught it! I managed to catch most of the other residents in the water, but over two years the big one avoided me. Eventually if you persist you can get lucky and eventually have the result you desire. Persist is what I did. 

This season I’ve struggled on this lake catching a few up to 19lb, but the only twenty I’ve hooked fell off. The water fished badly in the morning after a frost so I aimed to have the last three hours into dark.

Things started off badly with two missed runs then the manky mug 9lb turned up. Darkness fell and about half an hour into real darkness the one rod that hadn’t seen any action went. On winding down it felt heavy. It kited across my swim and still felt heavy. In the landing net it definitely felt heavy.

On the scales 34-04 speaks for itself! The bait was a mini bluey and the tackle a prototype Daiwa boat rod (yes I know I was bank fishing) a Regal reel and 50lb Daiwa braid to a pair of size 4 Gamakatsu hooks. I went home in a state and was probably a risk to other road users! (Well probably not!)