Zed in

After waiting patiently for the River Trent levels to fall and then getting his van stuck arriving at the venue, Bob Roberts was finally rewarded with this stunning zander.

“Arriving in freezing fog I drove over the floodbank and discovered I’d made a big mistake” explained Bob.

“Because the river had been in the fields for an age a 2cm layer of silt was covering everything. From a distance the grass looked exactly normal but hidden under the green carpet was a skidpan. Momentum took me 20 yards or so down the slope and from there I could move neither forwards nor backwards. The wheels on my van just spun gaining no grip whatsoever and I spent the next hour collecting twigs from a tideline in the middle of a muddy field and laying them in the tyre tracks as I attempted to escape.”

“Eventually I managed to get the van on firm ground about 600 yards from the river and time was ticking. Unfortunately I now had to make 2 trips back and forth with my gear because I’d expected to be pretty much fishing out of the back of the van. No such luck! Still, I was soon set up and I wasn’t to be disappointed.”

“I was trying out some new indicators, The Rollovers made by Barry McConnell. I’ve had a few problems in the past with Trent zander dropping deadbaits when my line has tightened up to the clip. These Rollovers eradicate the clip and as soon as they swing upwards line is released from an open bail arm.”

“My baits had barely been out 5 minutes when my first chance came. Up went the Rollover, dibbly-dibbly went the Delkim and away went the fish unhindered. It enabled me to approach the road leisurely, pick up and strike the hooks home. Result one cracking Trent zander. Get in! And I’m now a Rollover convert. My biggest practical problem solved at a stroke.”