Zen2 - Winter Games begin

The deteriorating weather over the last few weeks hasn’t stopped the bass from feeding, as Zen 2's Austin Goldsmith reveals.

The water temperatures have dropped a couple of notches and were down to 13.5 degrees in West Cornwall. This down curve will give the fish a serious kick up the!! Now they will feed hard in preparation for the breeding season and the big migration. These intense low pressure systems have been a pain for me and I have lost most days on the water since mid October. If we head out on the calm days it can be a bonanza. The fish are there and waiting.

On Halloween I fished with Matt Jones and Sam James, We headed out at the dawn into a lumpy but safe sea. We found plenty of 3-4lb Bass in the shallow water. They would not hit a surface lure but they were quite happy to hit paddle tails. After a couple of hours of sport I did the brave thing and left feeding fish in search of a better stamp. That doesn’t always pay off but the boys were content so I could take a risk. First drift in 60 foot and Matt struck into a nice big pollack while Sam tussled with an 8lb bass. The fish were returned to live and breed another day.

The bass will be here in good numbers until the end of January. I just hope I will be out there amongst them. Winter is a double edged sword for me, the fish are here but the bookings are generally quite low. Fortune favours the brave and never more so than this time of year!

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