11 July 2011
Daiwa will be at Cudmore Fisheries in Staffordshire on the 16th and 17th July as Carp Fest joins forces with the Great Northern Fishing Show.
22 June 2011
I think it’s fair to say that all of the Daiwa consultants are more than capable of putting together a run of good catches but very rarely do you see a week produce the sort of fishing that Kieron has just had.
06 June 2011
A trip to the Bristol Channel produced this impressive 16lb 11oz small eyed ray for Darren Johns.
29 May 2011
With the onset of the warmer weather Neville Fickling reveals how he put the pike rods away and went in search of a different target, and one that certainly pulls back!
22 May 2011
Daiwa consultant Brian Skoyles reports back from the recent Carping for Heroes weekend at Welham Lake.
Steve Souter and the Tight Lines cameras (Pic by Mark Burgess, Shetland Times)
14 May 2011
Daiwa’s sea consultant Steve Souter has returned to the Shetland Islands, this time to try and capture the fantastic fishing for TV.
The Daiwa marquee ready for action
06 May 2011
The Carpfest tour has begun! As the summer progresses Carpfest, a free to enter angling exhibition, will be touring the country stopping at ten venues to give carp anglers the chance to get their hands on all the latest gear.
Some very happy anglers at the weigh in.
26 April 2011
Daiwa has for some time been supporting a series of junior angling initiatives in the Yorkshire and Humber area. One particular school has been running a series of Fishing with the Folks events which have proved to be very popular.
24 March 2011
A three night trip to Ashmead fishery in Somerset saw Martyn Skoyles starting his carp fishing in 2011 with a 33lb 14oz mirror.
28 February 2011
A trip to a Lincolnshire drain saw Bob Roberts successfully land this cracking pike while filming for his new DVD series, 'Caught in the Act’.