Big fish adventures

Joe Taylor, owner of J&K Tackle, Bicester, is well known for his big fish exploits from exotic locations around the globe.

At a recent trade show he was introduced to the Super Kenzaki 3pc boat rods. Apart from their incredible lightweight feel and hidden power Joe especially liked them for another reason.

Soon furnished with a 20/30 and 30/50 Joe was off again, this time to the rain forests of Guyana.

“Well it all began at the Coventry trade show, talking to Robin about travel rods. He declared ‘Have you seen these Super Kenzaki braid rods?’. Looking at both the 20/30 and 30/50 class I felt that they might just fit in to my case! I decided to go for three of each.

I started with the 30/50 landing Red Tails and Jau to 84lbs however this rod seemed a little over the top for this size fish, so I decided to scale down to the 20/30.

What a tool this was, absolutely perfect for the job, until I hooked something that after 40 minutes hard fighting was still hugging the bottom! Any way after another 6 minutes a rather large Lau Lau was on the surface. With a stringer on its tail we got to the bank where it weighed 144lb.

Because of this and the fact I was going to fish for Arapaima the next day I reset up the 30/50. I was so glad I did as we caught several Arapaima that day with the biggest at 232lbs and that did test the rod to its limits.

All these fish were caught in the Guyana rainforest, one of the best locations I have ever fished on this planet.

I would like to thank Daiwa for the support they gave us with the rods. I’m off to India shortly and both models will travel with me where I hope to catch a Goonch.”