Carpfest 2012

Layer Pits near Colchester was the venue for the first of the 2012 Carpfest events. Daiwa's Nick Hill and Brian Skoyles looked after the marquee and were kept busy helping carp anglers, young and old, try out the gear.

The Carpfest Road Show brings together a group of companies including Korda, Daiwa, Delkim, Mainline, Guru, Cygnet and Tracker in a lakeside environment giving potential customers the opportunity to try out and examine in detail a large range of products. Plus there’s the opportunity to get casting tips or watch top anglers in action. The 2012 Carpfest programme includes tackle displays, a bivvy village, a match between Team Korda and Team Guru, Thinking Tackle live with Ali Hamidi and Tom Dove, and casting demonstrations from Darrell Peck.

“Although Nick and I were kept busy on the Daiwa stand with lots of interest particularly in the Longbow and Infinity rods or the Basia, Windcast and Crosscast reels on display, I did manage to get the chance for a walk round” explained Brian Skoyles.

“Ali and Tom had large crowds in the Thinking Tackle area and it was great to see the enthusiasm from the younger anglers when they were given the chance to play fish. A bit further round a queue of potential long range casters waited patiently for their turn for some coaching from Darrell who had already put a lead past the 165yds mark. I heard one angler as he walked away say to his mate that Darrell had put yards on his cast and he couldn’t wait to get back to his own lake to try out his new casting technique.”

“On the far bank the match was in full swing with Dave Levy leading the way with a run of fish caught at range. Damian Clarke also had a nice mirror whilst I was watching which kept the crowd entertained. I would have liked to have stayed a lot longer, but I thought that Nick might not be too happy with that idea, so I made my way back to the stand. My overall impression was of a lot of very appreciative visitors enjoying the chance to watch some top anglers in action. Sunday was a repeat with again the weather staying good, and plenty of visitors to the stands and the lakeside. Dean Macey joined Team Guru for the Sunday match but again Team Korda came out on top.”

Korda’s Carpfest Organiser Jon Mann added, “This weekend’s Carpfest was the first of three and what a great way to start. Rods were flexed in the Daiwa casting arena, Thinking Tackle Live was incredibly popular as customers were able to meet and pick the brains of their television idols. Other side shows such as the Trakker bivvy village and Mainline bait kitchen entertained and educated the crowds. We had a fantastic turnout and it is safe to say that everyone that came had a great Carpfest experience and were genuinely impressed with the event.”

There are two more Carpfest Road Shows in the next few weeks:

30th June/1st July at Linear Fisheries, Oxford.

14th July/15th July at The Great Northern Show at Cudmore Fisheries, Staffordshire.

For more details and updates, have a look at the Korda website Hopefully we’ll see you there for a great day out.