Early season thirty

A three night trip to Ashmead fishery in Somerset saw Martyn Skoyles starting his carp fishing in 2011 with a 33lb 14oz mirror.

“Having spent the first few hours after I’d arrived walking round, one area of the lake definitely looked much more coloured than the rest and so I grabbed a stalking rod for a few hours” explained Martyn.

“I didn’t manage to get a take stalking but spotted a couple of fish sitting up in the weed and so that was enough for me to get the rest of my kit and set-up for the night. I heard a couple of fish crash during the night but it wasn’t until before light the next morning the rod ripped off. ”

“After a long battle the fish was in the net, and I instantly recognised it as one known as the Grey mirror. It’s the perfect start to my carp fishing this year as I've spent the colder months targeting other species, and hopefully a few more will follow.”

“The mirror was landed from a close in spot between a couple of weed-beds, using 3lb tc Infinity rods coupled with Basia reels, and 15lb Tournament ST mainline. As a die-hard fan of the original Daiwa Sensor line I was initially reluctant to change to anything else as it’s never let me down, however I’ve been very impressed with the ST so far, especially with how abrasion resistant it is.”