Everyone is at it

Nev Fickling makes the most of his limited day's fishing at piking mecca Chew Reservoir to bank a stunning brace of pike.
Nev Fickling with a 33lb 8oz Chew pike

“I want to be pike fishing at Chew just like lots of other pikers, but the number of days available to everyone is limited with 3000 angler days available to 1500 applications” said Nev.

“Despite the competition I was able to get day 2 and 3. Far from being all over on day 2 things were to hot up on day 3. Thank God I was there! My boat partner Steve Rowley started things off with a 20lb 04oz fish in the first hour, but after that pike were hard to find. A move was required to an area that had not been fished. Within an hour my float legered smelt was taken and I ended up with a pike of 28lb 04oz. Where in the world could you be 3 hours into a pike session and catch a 28?

“The next day after a start in another area we moved back to the 28 spot and my luck was in again with a fish of 33lb 08oz! Later in the day we returned to the same spot and I had a 27. All in all an unreal day! I wasn’t the only one catching, with 2 forties and a fish of 37lb 04oz getting caught.

“To be honest a function of success on Chew is getting a few days on there. With a bit of thought those days can be converted into big pike. When applications were due, I in jest asked for every day, but got 4 days. Imagine if you had the money, the time and inclination to fish every day? The mind boggles. Luckily for my sanity I settled for the 4 days. Too many big pike might drive you mad!”