Family friend

Having seen his dad Brian slip the net under the same fish in August last year, Martyn Skoyles managed to repeat the feat when he landed this stunning 38lb 10oz mirror.

The fish came during a three night session on the Ashmead syndicate in Somerset and was part of a five fish catch that also included a 24lb 10oz common and a bonus 15lb 8oz grass carp.

“I didn’t initially realise which fish it was, until another member came round to help with the photos and as we lifted the net from the water immediately recognised it as a fish known as Opal” explained Martyn.

“I’d already had a good start to the session when the grass carp came along a few hours after I arrived. They don’t tend to get caught very often, and having almost tempted one into taking a floater last year only to mess up the strike it was great to see one on the bank.”

Martyn landed the fish from a couple of close range spots fishing with Nutrabaits Trigga and Trigga Ice boilies over a scattering of hemp, and used 2.75lb Infinity Advanced rods coupled with Basia reels and 15lb Sensor mainline.