Fourways Fishery supports junior angling

Daiwa consultant Brian Skoyles recently visited a local fishery that is doing its bit to encourage junior anglers, he reports back on a good day out.
Keen and concentrating at Fourways fishery

Fourways Fishery is an ideal venue for junior events. A series of small well stocked ponds offer good sport, and the juniors can try a variety of methods all of which can be very successful on the day. On the day I visited the match was well underway, and as I wandered round taking a few pictures I was struck by the levels of effort and concentration. Plenty of fish were being caught by the 12 and Unders on the Roadside Lake, and the helpers were being kept busy netting, unhooking, and generally helping out.

On the Fieldside Lake the going was a bit harder for the 13-16 match, it never fails to amaze me how two lakes so close together can fish so differently, but again the levels of concentration were high, not only from the junior anglers fishing but from the parents and helpers watching and supporting.
Owners John and Lynn, were not only organising the matches, but they were also keeping the contestants fed and watered (Thanks for the tea and burger Lynn … magic).
When it came to the weigh-in, there was the usual flurry of activity and excitement as everyone was keen to know the results. I took a few more pictures as everyone gathered round.

So far there have been three matches and four more are planned for Sat July 31st, Sat August 21st, Sat September 11th and Sat October 2nd. If you are interested in taking part have a look at

From my part I think it’s a big thank you to John and Lynn for organising the matches. I had a good day out, and from what I saw, so did everyone else.