Fun in the snow

Everyone else had fun in the snow! Well that’s the way it seemed to Neville Fickling who headed to the River Trent in search of pike and zander.

I do not mind snow or cold weather, and it is the ideal time to get on the Trent and try and get to grips with some pike and zander. I was going to take the boat out, but a dodgy bit of dentistry meant that a cold wind made the affected tooth hurt like hell. So I opted to fish out of the truck sheltered from the wind.

To my amazement I had a dropped run on lamprey. The next time whatever it was came back I was on the rod like a shot and wound down. I thought it was a chub, but instead it turned into a 4lb zander. I was quite pleased to catch anything considering how grim the weather had been. I persisted and had a small pike, but that was it. It is interesting how you can pick up zander in the snow; I’ve had a few over the years. Pity it hadn’t been bigger.

Further trips on the river were unproductive and it wasn’t until the thaw came that I got my act together. I had been keeping a swim baited on Daiwa Manton’s New lake and the ice had just melted. Two baits fished close in and I’d only just done that when the small mackerel went. A quick strike and I was soon looking down at a decent pike. It looked like a 19 but proved to be a bit bigger at 20-02. The first twenty of the year and 15 twenties for the season so far. I had a couple of small fish and then off too work… things went to plan this time.