Geoff Handley christens his renovated rod

Geoff Handley from Monmouthshire knows he’s lucky to have the river Wye at the end of his field but he he didn’t quite realise how lucky.

Having enjoyed good salmon sport through the seasons he decided to return his ‘lucky’ Osprey rod to Daiwa service department for new guides and a handle. Shortly after it was finished and sent back to him we got a quick note and the above picture.

“Dear Daiwa,

Well Lucky Rod did it again yesterday with a very nice 10lb fish in the ‘Florence’, a fast flowing beat. The fish immediately went down river and I landed it about 200 yards further down. The picture of one of the 3 fish that I got on Saturday morning with the Lucky Rod. This means that Lucky Rod has had 9 salmon averaging over 11lb each in about two weeks!”