Hobie® Fishing World Championship 7 - Amal, Sweden

The Hobie® Fishing Worlds in Amal, Sweden will run from May 15 to 20 on Lake Vanern and will be contested by 48 anglers from 20 nations and 5 different continents. The elite group of anglers will be targeting two main species, Pike and Perch. Top kayak anglers from around the globe will compete using the Hobie® Mirage Pro Angler 14 kayaks. Daiwa is proud to be a contributing sponsor of Hobie® on a local, European and World level.

Since the 1950’s the Hobie® brand has grown in the world of watercraft including a venture into kayaks that has now led to a prestigious competition that brings the top anglers together.

Fishing from a kayak is really enjoyable and can give you the freedom of access to bits of water that can throw up some epic sport.

Hobie® products are stuffed full of clever features and offer the ultimate in stealth. With the Mirage Drive pedal-powered kayak models you'll never have to put your rod down.

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