A little Bit of Luck

Neville Fickling reports back on a recent pike fishing trip to Ireland, when an unexpected extra few days fishing paid off in style.

Just once in a while we all have a bit of luck. Up until this February I’d not caught a pike of any size while fishing in Ireland for about a year. That is a bit disappointing in a country with so much water and a low population. One particular lough I’d never really got to grips with over the last ten years, kept drawing me back again and again. In February I had to go over on business and wanted to do the trip there and back in one day, but could not get a cheap crossing so I opted to fish for three days while there instead. 

The first two days produced only small fish so a move was required to the lough that had defeated me before. After a morning float trolling deadbaits I got bored and motored 8 miles to a spot I’d tried before (one jack!). Out went the float trolled deadbaits and I’d only motored 50 yards when the dead roach was taken. Up to that point I’d not caught a 20 from that lough. When I weighed the fish I knew it would go a bit more than 20. In turned out to be 31lb 14oz in fact, lucky or what!