A Lot of Little Fun

By no means do I class myself as a competent lure angler but I do enjoy it. Over the last two years I’ve had some success with various lure styles but shied away from the smaller types of lures, that is up to this year.

I was invited to join Alfie Naylor and his friend Andrew Knots for a New Year’s social on the Aire and Calder canal and it turned out to be both enjoyable and educational. Andrew is a very good lure angler, specializing in the use of what are generally called micro lures. Little mini creatures on 2 and 3gm Cheb rigs. I thought my approach was working well till I fished next to Andrew and watched him out catch me by some way. I was impressed and had to give these little lures a try and loved it.

Gear wise, the lighter lures rods and reels were a pleasure to use. I teamed up a Ninja 2500LT reel loaded with 15lb J-Braid Grand with a 7'6" Gekkabijin rod and I was good to go. Rigs wise I used a 6lb fluorocarbon leader and small Cheb leads. Lures were a mix of little soft plastics.

From Jan 1st to the close of the river season I’ve had well in excess of 100 perch and the odd pike on the little lures. It’s been great fun, ok, so a lot of the fish have been relatively small compared to the ones I normally target, but on the light gear it has been brilliant fun.

As the clocks go forward it’s time to move onto other species, but one thing I know for certain, come the Autumn once again I’ll be getting the micro lures out again. They might be little, but they are a lot of fun.

Brian Skoyles (March 2019)