Massive Bass taken on Branzino

Sussex angler Peter Cook enjoyed the closest of encounters with a premium specimen of a bass recently. He was especially pleased to be connected via his Branzino 80ml rod.

I was fishing from my own boat 'Bass Junkies' 5 miles off the Sussex coast. We set out at 06.00am this morning to have another go at the wrasse after a recent epic session. The conditions were very harsh with quite thick fog and a very cold east wind chipping away at our bodies. We arrived at the mark and I proceeded to set up the first drift of the morning after showing Dave my little piece of heaven on the plotter / sounder. The first few drifts produced nothing then I managed to nail a Ballan Wrasse around the 2-3lb mark. Dave at this point had just lost a tidy fish on the giant Megabass Xlayer so things were looking up.”

Peter continued “After a few more drifts and lost tackle I managed another little Ballan followed by a lost ‘hog’. Things were very, very slow and the cold was setting in fast, so I made the call for the lines up and moved 200yds along to a big rock formation dropping out fast to deep water from both sides, down to 50ft.

We both dropped down, me with the Fiish 120 minnow and Dave with an Xlayer AYU. It took a few minutes before the first bite happened and this is where things got very interesting.

I hooked a fish which went on a 30yd run smoking line like nothing I’ve hooked on this mark before. My first shout to Dave was if it’s a Wrasse it’s a new British record!!

After another two smoking runs a massive silver shadow started to come up high in the water and it then came apparent what was on the end was a monster Bass! At this point I’m trying to stay very cool and Dave who I must say was a total gem on this trip was ready with the net.”

Clearly delighted Peter explains “The big old girl broke the surface and we both let out a huge cry of relief and awe as we stared over the side of the boat looking at our prize and I say ''OUR'' as without Dave it would have been very hard indeed to get the pics done and looking after the fish while we did the business.

As we were getting the camera ready we both realized we had left our TLF rulers on dry land so we could only get a measurement with a DIY ruler so if this fish doesn’t count in the current lure forum comp them that’s totally fine with me. I’m happy just to hold this beast in my arms. 80cm!!!

We got the stats on two sets of scales and she weighed in at 14lb on the button on both sets a new PB for my by 6lb and a true monster of a Sussex bass.”

And the moral of the story “As for the rod, forget the price tag and make the investment, I wouldn't be without my Branzino 80ml for both hard & soft plastics.”

Thanks to Peter for superb and exciting account of what is a truly tremendous catch. There are some Shore line Shiner Lures on their way to Peter.