PB eel and a venue record carp

It's been a great few weeks for consultant Neville Fickling, slipping the net under a personal best eel as well as seeing the carp record smashed at his own fishery.

The huge eel came from a small commercial water Nev had been targeting for the species, fishing evening sessions as there is no night fishing allowed.

“My old personal best was a 4lb 1oz specimen caught on a boilie while carp fishing a few years ago” said Nev.

“I thought fishing a commercial with only a handful of eels in it would see me getting very little action. How wrong I was, catching five carp on legered livebaits! I’ve also had loads of pick-ups and dropped fish, all carp!”

“Then out of the blue a run which ran towards me. On connecting I felt that lovely jig jag that could only be an eel. Terrified it would fall off I took it easy and eventually bundled a lovely specimen into the net.”

“It was the biggest eel I’d caught at exactly 5lb. I tried the turning it on its back and stroking it to calm it down for the photos, but that didn’t work. After some wrestling I eventually got a decent photograph thanks to the chap in the next swim. Then I realised I’d forgotten my hat! I have Daiwa hats scattered all over the place, but somehow I hadn’t got one with me.”

Back at his own Daiwa Manton Fishery the carp record fell with the capture of a fish known as Arnie from the Old Lake at 45lb 2oz. The fish beat the previous venue best by over a pound and was landed by Scunthorpe carper Richard Brocklesby in a session that also produced a 42lb catfish.

“I first noticed this fish as a 17lber over 15 years ago, and since then he has just kept growing and growing” added Nev.