Think Clean

Daiwa Managing Director, Tomoaki Komatsu explains the company’s new 'Think Clean' initiative, asking us all to take a fresh view on our sport and the ways we can protect its future.

We all hear talk about 'environment and climate', but we as anglers have for some time actually been 'guardians of the water'.

The Daiwa message is that angling offers so much which is good and we as participants of the sport have a responsibility to protect and promote these values.

We at Daiwa have invested in our environmental standards and have been awarded BSi environmental accreditation. We recycle all the water used in our production process, have implemented a significant recycle capture procedure and have invested in many controlled waste systems.

We easily take for granted simple issues like litter, line and lead but it is other things that we do and use that we should consider more fully. The care of our fish and the water they are within; all of those actions that have a bearing on what we leave for future generations.

Importantly the image we as anglers portray to others outside the sport will become more important as the years go by.

Think of the benefit, sharing your time to invest in the development of young anglers can help us all.

Quite simply the natural habitat and everything within it is precious to our enjoyment, the sport, our way of life and the future.

So let us 'Think Clean'.

Tomoaki Komatsu