Use your loaf

A switch to bread has helped Martyn Skoyles make the most of the start of the river season to bank a number of chub to just under 5lb.

Fishing short evening session on a small River Thames tributary close to his Oxford home, Martyn has gone back to basics to deal with low river levels and fish cruising in the upper layers due to the warm weather.

“In an era of hi-tec baits such as boilies, pellets and groundbaits it’s easy to forget about old favourites such as bread” said Martyn.

“However the fish love it just as much as ever, and drifting a match box sized piece of floating crust towards a group of chub is about as exciting as it gets.”

“It’s such a simple method, but one that can be absolutely devastating in certain conditions and allows you to cover a lot of water. I usually tear of a few chunks of bread and follow them as they float downstream. If any fish start taking it is then just a case of lowering in your hookbait.”

Tackle wise Martyn opted for a Twilight Specialist rod coupled with a small reel and 4lb Sensor line, fished straight through to a size 8 Gamakatsu Specialist Wide Gape hook.