Voorne Canal at the Don Slaymaker Memorial Festival

Tom Scholey enjoyed a great weeks bream fishing on Voorne Canal at the Don Slaymaker Memorial Festival, finishing third out of the 115 strong field. His team, made up of himself, Matt Godfrey, Jordan Holloway and Will Freeman also managed to win the team event.

Tom explained: “The feeder has been the dominant method on the Voorne Canal for the last couple of years, and this year was no different. Cold water had pushed into the system, making some of the sections very difficult, but when there were bream in front of you, the key was working out which lines they were feeding on. For this reason, I have set up Daiwa Tournament rods of three different lengths, with a 12ft rod for fishing to the far bank, an 11ft rod for fishing at the bottom of the far slope, and a 10ft rod for a short cast to around 16m. Reel choice was my trusty Daiwa Match Winners, and although I did purchase some new J-Braid to reload on to the reels for this year’s festival, I never needed to use it as the braid that I used for last year festivals was still fine! An 8m shock leader of 8lb Daiwa Tournament ST line helped to cushion the angry lunges of the bream at the netting stage, as well as giving me extra confidence when casting. In terms of feeder, I favoured one of the Feederland 30g Medium distance feeders, and a 80cm hooklength to a size 14 Guru LWGF hook. The key was regular casting, with most fish seeming to come just a couple of minutes after each cast.”

“Thanks to Pat McEvoy and Jan Van Schendel for an excellently run festival. If you have never experienced the Dutch festival scene before, I would definitely recommend the experience. For those looking to get on the event next year, get in touch with Anglers World Holidays when bookings open in September.”